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Luxury Yacht Charter

The Luxury Yacht Experience

A crewed luxury yacht charter can be anything and everything you want it to be, but above all, it is a unique opportunity to dream up the most exceptional holiday imaginable...  And then leave it to the professionals to make the dream come true. Whatever you want to see, whichever foods you want to savor, sports you want to try your hand at and at which beaches, historic buildings, and fantastic boutiques you may want to visit, a luxury yacht charter can provide anything you desire.


Imagine... A hotel with a ratio of one staff to every guest; a restaurant where you pick up gourmet cuisine of your choice; a resort where you can have the company of your friends anytime for as long as you are there; a holiday tour that enables you to decide where to and when to go, at your own pace; or a luxury villa where you can relax undisturbed by outsiders... Picture the scene: you're sipping vintage claret as you cruise in seclusion along the Italian coastline, watching dolphins frolic in the waves and as you plan an early morning round of golf on one of the neighboring courses... The world is your oyster from the decks of a luxury yacht and the possibilities are endless.

A yacht is a perfect platform for exploring the world. From diving in the Virgin Islands to browsing the food markets of the Mediterranean, from learning Pilates on the sandy beaches of the Caribbean to gazing at the Acropolis at sunset, a luxury yacht charter provides a passport to some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world.

Why Sun Runner Tours?


Chartering a yacht can be a long and arduous process.


Hours of research is needed to find the perfect yacht,  find a reputable broker, negotiate a price, choose a sailing destination, plan your itinerary, select provisions and their amounts, choose menus (while taking into account what can be sourced near your ship's location(s)), decide on excursions, sea toys, insurance, crews, plan for unforeseen expenses, emergency contingencies, etc.  It can all quickly become overwhelming.


But it doesn't have to be.


That's where we come in.  With our extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we can drastically streamline and simplify the entire process. Think of us as your personal concierge.  We will take the complications out of the process.  We will filter away the unnecessary and present to you only the pertinent.  We will do all of the leg work and provide you with a selected choice of yachts that will fill all of your needs.  From there, with you, we will cull this down to choose your perfect ship and crew.


My team and I have access to every luxury yacht available for charter in the world.  We have no need to subtly point you towards a select few from our private inventory. We work directly with yacht owners and exclusive brokers and of those, only the top brokers in the luxury yachting world.  No inexperienced brokers. No fly-by-night companies.  Just the best of the best. We have the experience and contacts to get you the right yacht at the best rate - all at no additional cost to you.  

We will work tirelessly to find your perfect yacht, destination, and itinerary.  You will know everything you are getting before your trip and you will receive everything you are promised.

Corporate Meetings


If you really need to impress an important client, are looking for a unique and exciting way to have a corporate meeting or are looking to host a private event that you really want to stand out,  chartering a luxury yacht is the way to do it.


A luxury yacht is the ultimate venue for a business event. You will have full connectivity through VSAT, GSM and Sat-Com, and high-speed internet throughout with IT and AV engineers on the crew.  Many have conference facilities and all can guarantee privacy.


You can host discreet meetings for up to 140 guests for a day event - and up to 36 overnight.  Then, when business is finished for the day, enjoy world-class cuisine prepared by your onboard chef, or retreat to the yacht's hot-tub, sundeck, sauna or spa. Unwind with a massage or treatment from qualified experts onboard.

Entertain at the world's most exclusive events as corporate charters can be arranged to tie in with official events like the Monaco or Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Cannes Film Festival or many business conventions.


We will work for you to ensure you receive the complete charter and events package: The yacht you want, in the place you need it and with all the furnishings, decoration and accessories in place to create a spectacular wedding, meeting, or any event.  


We have numerous luxury yachts based across the world that are perfect for hosting incredible events.  Whether you need a smaller sail yacht for team building or one of the worlds most impressive superyachts, we will make it happen for you.

Private Parties and Events

Celebrate in style, and host an event on board your luxury charter yacht. In just a few hours, the deck of a yacht can be transformed into a cocktail lounge, a nightclub, a dance floor or even a stage for live bands. Our team can come up with a range of creative concepts, 3D models and graphics to show you what could be achieved. Once you’ve agreed to the overall idea, we’ll bring in the furniture, lights, DJ booth, AV system and everything else needed to bring your ideas to life.

Choosing Your Charter Yacht


Knowledge is essential for choosing the right yacht.  With close to 3000 luxury yachts available for charter, finding the yacht that is right for you can be a daunting experience - but that's where we come in. Our experience and cognizance of the yachting experience - from destinations and itineraries to cabin configuration to crew personalities - will ensure you get the right yacht and crew for your needs and wants.  We will go over everything with you. We will filter out all of the incompatible yachts and give you a select few that meet all of your criteria and then help you through the final selection process and get you the perfect yacht     


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