Breathwork and Cold Plunge classes and excursions available!


From a few hour beginner sessions to days-long excursions.


We can customize and plan group sessions personalized for your group in your area.

Great for social events or corporate team-building exercises. 

Join us this October!
More information coming soon!

We are planning an event 

this fall. 


to get notified as soon as information is available.  

The Instructors

Jesse Coomer

In 2014, Jesse began practicing Wim Hof Method, and in 2016, Jesse was part of the first group of practitioners to train directly under Wim Hof to become the world’s first class of Wim Hof Method Instructors.  He has trained with breathworkers, biohackers, and teachers from around the world and has instructed over a thousand students in various modalities. 

He's the author of A Practical Guide to Breathwork


Jesse understands there are countless techniques and protocols out there, and that the only ones that will work for you are the ones that you fully understand and can apply to your life.

Professional breathworker -  Cold Training expert - Personal trainer - English Professor - All around great guy!

Jesse's Youtube Channel: